About esQape Design

About esQape Design

Carmen Dragomir’s journey as a highly sought-after interior designer in Toronto is fueled by her unshakable belief in her own abilities and destiny. Having been trained as an architect in Eastern Europe and equipped with real estate licenses and interior design certifications in North America, Carmen possesses a comprehensive understanding of the art of crafting captivating spaces. Her approach to interior design revolves around the principles of simplicity and creativity, a winning combination that has consistently yielded successful results.

Despite the challenges that accompanied her relocation to a foreign country, Carmen’s entrepreneurial spirit remained undeterred. She meticulously outlined her plans for establishing her own interior design practice within the first three years of settling in Canada. Like many young and ambitious entrepreneurs, Carmen dares to dream big, envisioning a future where her creative ideas have the power to transform spaces and touch people’s lives.

When asked why she chose to pursue a career in interior design, Carmen’s response is rooted in her belief that interior design lies at the core of holistic building design. It is through this medium that she feels most liberated to express her ideas with ease, imagination, and a genuine concern for the end user. Carmen perceives the process of designing a space as analogous to designing oneself—a strong foundation in mind, body, and soul translates into the strength and resilience of an individual.

Since graduating with a Master of Architecture degree in 1996, Carmen has maintained an unwavering commitment to constant growth and learning. She firmly believes that life is an ever-evolving educational journey, where stagnation is simply not an option. This philosophy informs her approach to residential design, where she strives to truly understand the needs and desires of the end user, ensuring that their lives are enhanced and enriched upon returning to their homes.

Recognizing the profound impact that design has on shaping lives, sensibilities, and behavior, Carmen acknowledges the direct connection between design and the elicitation of emotions. Specializing predominantly in high-rise condominiums and high-end residential projects, Carmen is eager to extend her expertise to help as many individuals as possible in designing their spaces, allowing them to experience the most rewarding moments upon returning home.

Driven by an unyielding pursuit of the “Wow” factor, Carmen constantly seeks to infuse her designs with that spark of inspiration and awe. This “Wow” factor is akin to the “eureka” moment when the mind uncovers the perfect solution, the triumphant sense of accomplishment when the body conquers a milestone, or even the spiritual revelation that the human spirit perpetually seeks. Carmen’s ultimate goal is to continuously generate design ideas that inspire and uplift, leaving a lasting impact on those who experience her work.