About Esqape

About Esqape

A strong faith in her own ability and destiny made Carmen Dragomir become one of the most sought after interior designers in Toronto. Her approach of “simple, creative solutions” proved successful when it comes to interior design ideas. Trained as an architect in Eastern Europe, having a real estate licence and interior design certifications in North America made Carmen see the big picture when it comes to building spaces.

Carmen’s entrepreneurial plans were sketched out in her first 3 years of moving to Canada. The unknown of a foreign country have not stopped her from making her dream come true of owning her own interior design practice and like other young entrepreneurs, Carmen likes to dream big! Every day I have ideas of how to design spaces and most importantly how to touch other people’s lives through my design.

When asked “why interior design”, she answers “because to me interior design is at the core of the integral design of each building and because that’s where I feel free to express my ideas with ease, imagination and care for the end user.

I believe that designing a space follows the same pattern as designing yourself. A strong core (mind, body and soul) will always result in a strong individual.

Since graduating from Master of Architecture in 1996, Carmen has constantly studied and believes that life is a continuous learning process. When you learn you grow and when you don’t grow you die, stagnation is nonexistent. This is why her residential design approach comes from understanding what the end user will need and will feel like in order for their lives to be enriched when they come home.

Carmen understands that Design has a certain way of shaping our lives, our sensibility, and our behavior. And yes, she believes that design has a direct impact on creating emotions.Being involved mostly in high-rise condominiums and high end residential design, she is ready to help as many people as possible to design their spaces so they feel that coming home can be the most rewarding moment of any given day.

“I’m always searching for that “Wow” factor in any space that I design. It is the equivalent of “eureka” when the mind finds the right answer, or the “I did it” when the body conquers a milestone or the “revelation” that our spirit always searches for.

I love to constantly come up with design ideas that Inspire You.


…simple creative solutions

…better, faster and more affordable

…create a unique image

…Our goal is to create excellent design whether cutting edge or traditional and provide excellent service whether individual or corporate. Our commitment to effective communication and attention to detail ensures ultimate satisfaction and success. All work is approached based on client’s unique requirements, priorities, and budget foremost in mind.

We strive to concentrate on function and aesthetic working together, never one sacrificed for the other. We are closely involved in all aspects of the design process, from concept design to project management and final installation so we can accomplish a unique balance of aesthetics, functionality and economics.

we listen…

we create…

we execute…

We create an image and environment that is unique to each client and homogenous to their corporate culture”

esQape design team consists of interior designers with Canadian accreditations as well as architects and interior designers with architectural education from Eastern European and North American Universities. Our unique and diverse background allows our team to approach the interior design from a much larger perspective than just the interior spaces. We have the ability to shape the interior spaces through synergy with the architectural elements.

Interior designed spaces are best created when all elements (architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical) are intertwined.

Space is for us to work with, not to add on.